What’s to do with PAIN?




Every night, I just pray it will go away, it’ll leave me alone, it’ll give me back my deep precious sleep. Lately I’ve been experiencing migraines again for having been able to sleep for roughly 4 hours per day, thanks to the pain. I did try music therapy to lure myself into sleep, but it didn’t work after all. During daytime, I wasn’t able to sleep to make up for the lost time, as I fear I can’t find the time to finish my work off. So, this is getting worse every day.

Enough with praying, enough will suffering, I digged up the root causes of the problem. It didn’t started from the part that make you feel painful, right, it stems from your very BRAIN.

Yeah, I hit the table real hard when I come up with a solution.

Now, when the pain is sending incessant signals which cause me to suffer the pain, what I’m gonna do is to revert its purpose. Which means, I need something to distract my brain. I did google it, and those solutions even come to: using stimulant such as cocaine, heroin (hoooray me :|)…



After a while, the results boiled down to dopamine, a chemical in charge of releasing “pleasure feelings”. So I tried something as stimulant as dopamine: girls!, \m/



especially pretty girls fully equipped with hot weapons. It WORKED LIKE A CHARM to me! Watching those beautiful gals performing various action stunts makes me feel super pleasant. Why are they so charming ~~ 😀



Problem’s solved. Extra dopamine released, a distracted brain, I hardly think of the pain. But its effect lasts temporarily during daytime, because when it’s night, I can’t sit and watch them anymore, cause I’m TOO TIRED for a whole day long.



Now now now, let me introduce you my girl 😀

First is Alice, my life-long love. She was a normal human being until she became a test subject to be mutated from a deadly weaponry virus, so she becomes nearly a killing machine, undefeatable. She kills zombies like grass, and she also kills other super zombies (the ones with super strengths and skills and speed and weapons, in details >”<). So to me, she’s super COOL. =))

The film series has come to the 4th movies. Seriously, I watched it several times these days >"<

My girl my girl *heart wildly beating*

Alice in the kill ❤

Alice for the rescue ❤

Go shoot some ugly zombies and fasten my heart, will you sweetheart? =P~

Isn't she too much beautiful for my little brain?

There’s another girl sharing my affection with Alice. She’s Selene, and guess what, she’s a vampire, a deadly beautiful one who kills werewolves. She has no mercy when it comes to killing, just like Alice, and this makes my heart extremely shaken. *sign*. She should lead a vampire clan herself in my opinion, because not to mention her gifted skills, but only her head-spinning beauty @@

So the series will have its 4th movies this spring...

So, she kills these creatures, the werewolves - half human half wolf, transform when it's full moon m/

I feel I could die in her deep blue eyes (although I know it's special effect ==")

Selene in the kill with the knives

And when she opens fire @@

Haiz, I just think I'm in love ~~

So, they’re my girls. “Meeting” them every day make me forget my pain, for my own biological sake =)). But I guess I’ve been in love without knowing ever since, as when the night reigns, I find myself missing them. Don’t know whether I miss them for my own biology sake or I just simply miss them cause I’m in love =))

Oh girls ^^


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