Fiction and Fact


I wasn’t high, I wasn’t wired

I was just clear.

Though eyes were open from the start,

They were close.

Now I began to see the whole

What really had happened, is happening and going to happen

What, who, where, how and so

How this very chain of events could spring from.


Why I am standing there.



Recollections snowballed,

Swept clear every doubts and fogginess.

I began to see history

Archives of me and mankind.

Sins, love, pleasure, hate

Good, desire, evil and failure.

For a blink of an eye

A feeling of thoroughness and completeness

Of this world, this life, and this existence

Illuminated my once-veiled vision.


Could this be called “nirvana”?


I guess only “awareness” is a fine answer.





No, all was just a feeling.

Decaffeinated effect!


Procrastination is the mother of inspiration. ==”


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