Tears paint your lips.

You used to put on lipstick.
Sun rays made their reflection on your lips
Birds were chirping jealousy over
Such freshness, fullness, felt from endless kiss
I remember no color of layers of thick lipstick
I remember no shapes of those lips, even.
I remember only your softness.

Since when, winds started sweeping?
Make the gap between your lips seal, dread and freeze
That signals forest of your coldness, dessert of distance, and iceberg of ignorance for me.
Dare I not ask why.
Baby thought I was nothing of such sweet kind.

Maybe asummingly I used to escort you
Despite your involuntariness,
Through lands of misery, of ugliness, of misfortune, of rottenness,
Of truth.
I did recall those dreamy eyes at first sight
I do notice these depressed eyes this very night.
Never was I a sinner before light.
No darling thinks I deserve blaming, I might?

Tok tok tok tok~
Tears are extravagant, for me.
Wipe those drops of sorrow please, because
Darling would you ever let me do you one favor,
To paint your lips every morning you rise.
Then those lips that recite every sad poems will be kept forever in my brown eyes.
Until I see no color, no shape but only feel your fullness.
Until eternity.

A very unrelated illustration 😀


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