“Yes” seems to be an extravagant answer

Today is a very special day to me, as the representative of the admissions committee, who had been contacting me closely for my documents for a scholarship then lately has stopped notifying me about everything, had told me that March 27th would be judgement day. Perspective candidates should have been contacted a week earlier in advance if they were in the short-listed board, and I have been receiving no emails at all. Should she refer to the fact that I was rejected, she would have informed me instead keeping everything behind closed doors like this.

Big girls learn truth fast. In short, I widely announced that I have been rejected, folks! A big applause to me please =))

* I found the following letter very amusing, hope it might serve for your entertainment*

“Dear Admissions Committee:
Having reviewed the many rejection letters I have received in the last few weeks, it is with great regret that I must inform you I am unable to accept your rejection at this time.

This year, after applying to a great many colleges and universities, I received an especially fine crop of rejection letters. Unfortunately, the number of rejections that I can accept is limited.
Each of my rejections was reviewed carefully and on an individual basis. Many factors were taken into account – the size of the institution, student-faculty ratio, location, reputation, costs and social atmosphere.
I am certain that most colleges I applied to are more than qualified to reject me. I am also sure that some mistakes were made in turning away some of these rejections. I can only hope they were few in number.
I am aware of the keen disappointment my decison may bring. Throughout my deliberations, I have kept in mind the time and effort it may have taken for you to reach your decision to reject me.
Keep in mind that at times it was necessary for me to reject even those letters of rejection that would normally have met my traditionally high standards.
I appreciate your having enough interest in me to reject my application. Let me take the opportunity to wish you well in what I am sure will be a successful academic year.
Paul Devlin
Applicant at Large”

Reported on March 21st, 1999 New York Times

"Yes" seems to be such extravagant answer for them to me =))

“Yes” seems to be such extravagant answer for them to me =))


2 thoughts on ““Yes” seems to be an extravagant answer

  1. I have nothing to say but to admire your being so positive 🙂 I wish that if one day, I receive such letters, I would laugh it off, and be able to move on. 🙂

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