Random thoughts

  1. I want to start speed-dating activities in my college. First is for the social aspects of course, but this could be a good chance to accumulate data for my future thin-slicing research (inspired by Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Blink”)
  2. The idea of starting a post series about Game Theory, from my notes, in a humorous and accessible approach. For everyone’s sake.
  3. I think I found out who is going to be my first character of my first prose. My aunt. And if I’m successful in writing about her, it’s a very remarkable possibility that her beautiful life will forever be treasured.
  4. My wishlist is expanding crazily, like a headless chicken. I’d like to share because I got a feeling like I’m not gonna stop drooling about them 😐
  5. I’m thinking of recording my guitar performance. However novice I might be, why not try?
  6. I wish I had better skimming skills for all my fucking reading assignments. They are driving me insane because of their intimidating volumes.
  7. I fell behind my coding learning process, and awful guilt swells up inside my gut every single hour.

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