Meet Her

Okay I know I’ve got a lot of things to do, I’ve got lesson planning, I’ve got case study, I’ve got accounting administration, I’ve got a bunch reports to write, I’ve got a lot deadlines to miss, I’ve got every assignment to work on, but I made a deathly trade-off to shake off everything to get down to songwriting 😐

This is the first time I’ve composed a piece of lyrics. And this time song is an inspiring, sexy and for adults only, a Korean song, by Ga In (main vocal of Brown Eyed Girls), “Meet Her”, from her 2nd solo album “Talk About S.”

The whole album is awesome :O

You can find her original Korean version here.

Meet Her – Ga In


Verse 1:
And now please turn your eyes away
I’m getting a bit tired, you see?
So let go, let me go,
Now will you please just let me go?
But last night was too romantic to say these words
I used to claim out loud: “You’re mine”
“You’re only
Mine, in this world.”
But I guess that
That girl she’d died for a long time.


I used to be attracted
To you as if this was a really sweet dream.
It was melo, melodrama.
Go find another girl who will only look at you – hello hello
Funny, isn’t it?
You’ll probably hate me so much for being like this
Oh let go, let go, let go, oh
Now go on and meet her, come on move on now
Let me go.


Verse 2:
About things of yesterday
You can just let them all go.
So let go, let me go
I think you have no choice boy, don’t you?
But last night was too boring to linger
You are such a binding lover.
So my kiss, my kiss
I have to say that
Boy, you’ve bored me away.




The cruel -ler I am,
The better it is for you and for me.
Because I don’t want
You to be hung up on me.


This might really happen
I might call you late at night, drunkenly
With a shameless tongue, I might: “Hello, hello”
It’s my payoff for shutting you down so heartlessly, I guess.
You’ll laugh at me,
I bet you’re feeling so gratified.
Oh let go, let go, let go, oh
Now will you please let me go and meet her.

Maybe one day I should do a english version record for this amazing song 😐


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