Life in Perspective

With the utmost willingness of transmitting daily source of information through my lenses, the blog is compiled with pieces of personal writings, variably in every fields with different topics, interests…  However, for your information, the favourite topics are economics issues, hi-tech and its devices, philosophy and humor (of course).

Seen myself as a outlier (a freak, in other word), but I guarantee you that the content will never be meant to raise offense or any kind of racist/ discrimination, religion-related problems and governmental concerns. If you may ask: you find the posts a little confused, I’m trying hard to keep you on track by departmentalized the content, so enjoy my best part!

Life through my own angles


One thought on “Life in Perspective

  1. Mưa mùa hạ, đến bất chợt mà đi cũng bất ngờ.
    Em không nhìn lại, em sợ. Em có muốn chạy? Ngay bây giờ?
    Mưa không cản em đâu, mưa cũng chỉ theo gió. Mưa cũng muốn đi.
    Mưa không đuổi kịp em rồi.

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